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>THINKABOUTIT – The Danger of "I’m above that"

>”I am tempted to think that I am now an established Christian, – that I have overcome this or that lust so long, – that I have got into the habit of the opposite grace, – so that there is no fear; I may venture very near the temptation – nearer than other men.

This is a lie of Satan. One might as well speak of gunpowder getting by habit of resisting fire, so as not to catch spark.

As long as powder is wet, it resists the spark; but when it becomes dry, it is ready to explode at the first touch.

As long as the Spirit dwells in my heart, He deadens me to sin, so that, if lawfully called through temptation, I may reckon upon God carrying me through. But when the Spirit leaves me, I am like dry gunpowder. Oh for a sense of this!

Robert Murray M’Cheyne

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