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>THINKABOUTIT – It’s Not GODianity

>I wish I’d quit using the word “god.”

It is nebulous, like “okay” in response to “how are you?”

Means nothing. Over ninety percent of Americans believe in “god.”

Talk about “god” all day long; no one gets upset. Talk about Jesus and the stuff hits the fan. “one of them” “Right wing fanatic” “fundamentalist” etc…

But talking about “how much I love god” and “god means so much to me” is not helpful since the word means nothing.

If the Son of Man be lifted up…

Brag on Jesus.

There is a reason it’s called CHRISTianity.

ADDENDUM Here’s an example, I just got this: Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, wrote in an E-mail to supporters this week. “The government has eliminated God from the classroom and too often replaced Him with an anti-life, anti-family curriculum that misses life’s deepest meaning.”

Okay, Tony’s statement may be true, but, first, government can not ban the Lord…secondly, whose “god”? Allah? The Jehoveh’s Witness’ version? In no way am I dissing Tony…I’m simply trying to point out that god-talk is non-talk. We need to do some mental “find and replace” (for those who use Word!) and look for “god” and replace with “Jesus.”

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