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>Things to Come?

>Happened to read a story of a man being sentenced to fifteen years in prison for distributing pornographic photos of men and boys on the internet.

The article, in the Minneapolis Star Tribune (Sep 8, 2010) also said:

“Linngren’s sentence was decried by the defendant’s attorney in a court filing Friday that outlined his client’s years of sexual repression while growing up in a conservative Missouri Synod Lutheran church in Columbia Heights that believed “homosexuality was wrong.” “Matthew lived in conflict with his sexuality,” defense attorney Doug Olson wrote. “His religion was intolerant…”

Struck me that this is indicative of things to come…”he shouldn’t be considered guilty because his church said what he was doing is wrong.”

As many have pointed out, viewing homosexuality as sin may soon be, and in some cases already is, the definitive stereotype of “intolerance” and those who stand on Biblical grounds may well be finding themselves in serious conflict with the law.

Interesting times…

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