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>They Were (unintentionally) Right!


Yes, pagan that I am (at least according to some…who despise the fact that I enjoy the Beatles and profess to follow Christ), those great theologians, the Beatles, unintentionally summarized an important truth in their song, “All You Need is Love.”

Here is J. C. Ryle’s comment on that which unites true believers (which is not the same thing as ecumenicism):

“Love to Christ is the common meeting-point of believers of every branch of Christ’s Church on earth.

Whether Episcopalian or Presbyterian, Baptist or Independent, Calvinist or Arminian, Methodist or Moravian, Lutheran or Reformed, Established or Free, here at least, they are agreed. About forms and ceremonies, about Church government and modes of worship, they often differ widely.

But on one point, at any rate, they are united. They have all one common feeling towards Him on whom they build their hope of salvation. They “love the Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity.” (Eph. 6:24)

Many of them, perhaps, are ignorant of systematic divinity and could argue but feebly in defense of their creed. But they all know what they feel toward Him who died for their sins. “I cannot speak much for Christ, sir,” said an old, uneducated Christian woman to Dr. Chalmers, “but if I cannot speak for Him, I could die for Him!”

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