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>They’ll Be Watching Us…

>Don’t remember where I first heard this, but it is so true in rhyme, and in Ryle’s words after:

You’re writing a gospel,

A chapter a day,

By things that you do,

By words that you say.

Men read what you write,

whether faithless or true,

Tell me, what is the gospel,

According to you?

“Let us often ask ourselves whether we are doing good or harm in the world. We cannot live to ourselves, if we are Christians. The eyes of many will always be upon us. Men will judge by what they see, far more than by what they hear. If they see the Christian contradicting by his practice what he professes to believe, they are justly stumbled and offended. For the world’s sake, as well as for our own, let us labor to be eminently holy. Let us endeavor to make our religion beautiful in the eyes of men, and to adorn the doctrine of Christ in all things.”

~ J.C. Ryle

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