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>Theologians R Us!

>Thus says Joshua Harris in Dug Down Deep: “We’re all theologians. The question is whether what we know about God is true.”

I just read the first chapter, and am crazy about this book. Jane and I are soon going to start a Sunday evening study group for 20-somethings, and I’m leaning to using this book as a discussion starter.

Harris (almost parenthetically) hits on what I perceive to be a huge problem as he discusses the foolish and wise builder (Luke 6) when he writes, “Book knowledge about building on rock has no value if we’re still resting on shifty sand.” Both teens and adults have seminars, retreats, camps, study groups galore; yet so few are fleshing-out what they are “learning.” Why? No firm foundation (if any foundation at all).

I probably will review the book more thoroughly when I finish it, but, wow, I’m glad I’m taking it on my trip to Philadlephia (I fly out tomorrow to participate in Donny Cho and Angela Wong’s wedding Saturday…by the way, the weatherman is not cooperating…pray with me that the true controller of weather would choose to grace this Christ-honoring couple so all could attend)

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