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>THE SHELL GAME – Entertaining, Provoking, Scary


It is provocative. Scary. For me, well written.

Could the American government have averted Sep 11, 2001? Would the government stage an attack on an American city to earn the “right” to counterattack?

Are these beyond comprehension?

Whatever your view, if you like suspenseful, thought-enducing fiction-that-might-not-be-all-fiction, this book is worth your time.

I am NOT saying I agree with it all…but the factoids that are included are, in many cases, new information for me, anyway.

If you think a certain politician is beyond reproach and infallible, you’d probably better take blood pressure meds before reading. If you think America is always right, you won’t like the book.

If you are open to possibilities that may make you uncomfortable, I suggest the book strongly.

It may make you…furious…curious…wondering.

And that’s okay.

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