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>The Peril of Sincerity

>Woke up early this day, rolled around bed, did a lot of praying, especially for the man who committed his life to Christ in my office yesterday…and for a host of other matters. Burdened for “sincere” religious people, who sincerely believe they are okay with God, but display no evidence of salvation other than by being what the world calls “good.” Matthew 7.22ff remains the most frightening passage of scripture.

Then fired up the computer and found this:

On this Saturday (while I was in bed I thought of the rather bizarre book titled “Silence of the Lambs,” and that prompted me to think that this “in-between-dash” (between Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday) could be called “The Silence of The Lamb.”

Praying much that Spirit of God would honor His Word cast forth as pastors seize the moment to present the Gospel.

Oh, and on a personal note, this Resurrection Day will be even more special than usual for Jane and I, as Jacob (who turns 8 April 10) will be baptized during morning worship.

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