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Supremely Sad

September 24, 1789 is the date the Judiciary Act – establishing the Supreme Court – was passed by Congress and signed by George Washington.

Happy Birthday, Supremes.


Perhaps not. Now come other accusations against nominee Kavanaugh.

I gag when I read that the latest accuser (Ramirez) spent six days “carefully assessing her memories and consulting with her attorney.”  Huh? Let’s gather together, sing a few rounds of Kumbaya, and “assess our memories.”

Then Stormy’s attorney utters a bunch of accusatory words, offering not the slightest shred of evidence or sources.

Wonder how many others are “carefully assessing”?

Let’s consider some possibilities:

  1. Kavanaugh’s first public accuser is telling the truth.

  2. This first accuser is telling the truth as she remembers it, but is mistaken.

  3. Kavanaugh is telling the truth in denying the event happened.

  4. Kavanaugh is telling the truth as he remembers it, but is mistaken.

  5. Blasely-Ford is lying.

  6. Kavanaugh is lying.

If you’ve never been drunk or high, possibilities 2 and 4 may seem ridiculous.

But as one who, sadly, spent many years as an alcoholic and drug abuser, I know such things can happen…ranging from confusion to a total lack of memory of some incidents.

Obviously points 1 and  3 both can’t be true.

As I’ve said before, if Kavanaugh is lying, not only should he not be confirmed, he should be disbarred. If it can be proven Blasely-Ford is intentionally lying she should be charged with something. If it can be proven that some Democrat leadership has played her in this episode, heads should roll.

But I fear we will never know…with certainty.

And I fear many good men and women of all stripes will not accept nomination for much of any position, simply because they don’t want themselves or their families put under the witch-hunting microscope of background checks.

So, on this birthday of the Supreme Court; it may also mark the week of its effective demise.


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