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Stupid Sentence…

This “qualifies” as one of the stupider sentences I’ve read in many moons.

It is from the September 21 issue of “Time” magazine.

From “The View-Sports” by Sean Gregory.

Here it is:

“It’s no longer acceptable to use Black Americans as entertainment but do little to demonstrate that their lives matter.”

Grammatically, the capital “b”…yeah, I know the politics etc, but it is still wrong.

Who “uses” black Americans as “entertainment?”

Not this white boy.

My favorite player of all time is Steve Largent. (and I know many of you are thinking, “Steve who?”

Not because he is white, but because he was a phenomenally brave and gifted receiver (back in the day when players stuck with a team…if I remember correctly he and quarterback Jim Zorn were together 11 years).

My second-favorite player is Mike Singletary…not because he is black but because of the way he played and his scary stare.

I don’t “use” any athlete…of any color/race. I recognize that many (not all) black athletes poured their lives into sports hoping it would be a way out of poverty and the hood. I also know of a few white (and brown) players who did the same thing.

I admire them for that, also.

But “use”?


And I don’t feel like addressing…again…the second phrase of his sentence; because I know that whatever I type it will offend someone.

I admire them, I wish I made the money they made. I support their right to have and voice opinions.



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