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>Stop Thinking Like a Victim!

>As I continue to kick myself in the rear for complaining too much about my wounded eye; the following applied directly to me as I got it from PHIL COOKE:

____ happens. The world isn’t fair. I wish it was, but it’s not. So let’s get over it. Quit looking for pity, sympathy, or a shoulder to cry on. Most important – stop sharing your problems with people who can’t help you solve them. Quit wasting your time wallowing in your distress or having rambling conversations about all the people out to get you. It’s not helping you get out. Obviously, there are times we need help, but in most cases, you don’t need anyone’s sympathy, you need a new attitude. The minute you start thinking like a victim is the minute you give away your power and your confidence. Move on. You have too much potential to get stuck in that rut.

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