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>Still Digging "Dug Down Deep"

>Very much continuing to enjoy “Dug Down Deep” by Joshua Harris. What follows is his “testimony” as shared in the book. I put quotation marks because there may be some who don’t feel he has a testimony because he doesn’t have a date/hour.

If Harris’ testimony makes you nervous…and even if it doesn’t…I recommend very much you read Stephen Smallman’s “Spiritual Birthline”…it is a phenomenal book with a distinct and clear message. And…name-dropper that I am…I am in Philadelphia to participate in the wedding of two very good friends…and in the groom’s case I am one of several men “standing in” for the groom’s father (he was murdered when the groom was 5)…and one of the other men is Stephen Smallman! I am looking forward to meeting him!

Here is what Joshua Harris wrote:

“Don’t ask me to tell you when I was converted. Like a lot of church kids, I don’t have a specific day when I repented, put my trust in Jesus, and was saved. For me there was no one breakthrough moment. God poked and prodded and shaped me through countless small, seemingly insignificant experiences and decisionsand friendships. Do you know the kind of slow transformation I’m talking about? You don’t really see it while it’s happening. But later you look back and realize you’re not the same.”

I resonate with that, and it brings encouragement as ministry continues…we try to be used of the Lord to “poke…prod…shape” through what may seem to be “insignificant experiences” (a conversation, swapped e-mails, a youth “rally,” a camp experience)…and, somehow, the Spirit of God uses and mixes those opportunities to impact hearts, lives, and minds with gospel-seed, and only He can bring it to harvest.

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