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>Stay Alert for "One Day"

>Mark Batterson (I’ve commented before on his book “Wild Goose Chase” also has a blog,, that I also highly, highly recommend. Here’s one that is even better than usual:

A few years ago I came across a little two-word phrase in Scripture that got into my spirit: one day. I think I first encountered it in I Samuel 14:1. It’s the story of Jonathan climbing the cliff with his armor bearer and engaging the Philistines. That is one of my favorite stories in the Bible. One act of courage saves a nation. But have you ever noticed how the passage starts out with that little two-word phrase? One day. It’s almost the Bible equivalent to the classic movie line: once upon a time.

It’s hard to put into words, but I live my life with a profound sense of destiny. God orders my footsteps. If I believe anything, I believe that. And that fills me with holy anticipation. At any given moment, God can invade the reality of our lives and change everything.

So I’m reading through Acts right now and there is that little two-word phrase again: “One day about three o’clock in the afternoon, Cornelius had a vision.”

You never know when. You never know where. You never know how.

But one day, God can invade the reality of your life and change everything. That is what happens to Cornelius. Of course, it doesn’t just change his life. Those of us who are not Jewish trace our spiritual lineage back to this vision on this day. If it weren’t for this vision at three o’clock one day, the message of the gospel would have remained a Jewish thing. This vision at this time on this day bridged the racial divide. Whosoever will may come!

One day.

Today could be that one day! It might not be. But it could be. May you be filled with holy anticipation knowing that at any given moment God can invade the reality of your life and change everything.

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