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Somebody Help Me! What Do I Do???

Pardon the dramatic headline.

I am perplexed and conflicted.

I have a standard saying, "I hate money and I hate music; no matter what you do you're wrong."

And I'm in a "what do I do" frame...regarding music.

Particularly music that is tied to Bethel Church (Redding, Ca etc).

Suffice to say, at best, I'm convinced Bethel has some whacky stuff. I do not wish to argue that point here.

But...Lord God Almighty... people tied to Bethel write some AMAZING music loaded with solid lyrics.

My question is (and I'm asking for input) - If I recommend and/or use a Bethel tied song, do I have to add a caveat every time? As in, "Though I love this song in no way do I support the doctrines/actions of Bethel Church."

I get a headache thinking about it, and have for years. Have discussed with a bunch of people and there is no consensus.

I don't want to do a background check of every musician/song I like.

After all, I still enjoy and sing "It Is Well With My Soul" and Horatio Spafford flew off the Biblical rails later in his life. And there are other examples.

The song below (one of many versions online...but this is a least in part because it has a female drummer!) is currently one of my in FAVORITES.

So, do I need a disclaimer? Or would you argue that I shouldn't listen to or share any Bethel stuff?

"There is security in a multitude of counselors."

What is your counsel?

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