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Slow Faders…

As I prayed this morning many faces popped into my brain.

Faces of teens and adults with whom I used to minister.

On fire for God. Sharing the Gospel regularly. In some cases going on mission trips. Serving on a staff with which I served also. Seemingly happily married.

Too many faces.

Because they are all walking, at best, inconsistently with the Lord.

Some have walked away from everything spiritual.

Some are on the fringes (at best) of orthodox faith.

Many deny what they used to affirm.

And I’m willing to bet that in every case the “fade” began when they wandered, eased, from reading the Word regularly.

Sure, they might have been influenced by professors (to include at some Christian schools). Sin may have enticed and captured.

But “the blood of Jesus makes us safe; the Word of God makes us sure.”

And to “wander” from the Word is to embark on a journey with a bad end…

Redeemable? Yes.

Easy? No.

When I pray for those of deny; when I pray for those who expose non-biblical stuff; I ask the Lord to do “whatever it takes” to bring them back (or for the first time)  to Christ and the gospel.

And this old Casting Crowns song always goes thru my mind…it is extremely rare for one to “jump” from active faith to no or cancered faith…it is usually a slow walk…away.

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