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Simply the Most Powerful Film I've Ever Seen

Last fall I got an email with "Free Burma Rangers" as the subject.

I thought it might be referring to a rock band. referred to an organization that has been around a quarter-century of which I've never heard.

It mentioned a film that was supposed to be released widely in 2020 but of course got covided.

But I found the film and Jane and I watched it.

At the end of the film we were stunned and silent.

I then said, "If I were thirty or so years younger I'd be on the next plane."

I'd rather not disclose too much and thus incentivize you to watch the film.

It is not a drama, but rather actual footage, to include combat, wounds, and misery.

If you want, google or bing "Free Burma Rangers" and learn more.

Or, ideally, find the film. We watched it "free" on youtube but I don't think it is there anymore. It is rentable on amazon.

I promise it will challenge you.

And I want to help get the word out of this incredible group of people that are literally saving lives and...almost as a byproduct...being used by God to save souls.

Here's the trailer:

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