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>Reflections after Junior High Week Crescent Lake


It has been a marvelous week. Thursday evening, in particular, was an inexplicable event as the Spirit of God moved in worship and proclamation. I won’t attempt to describe it, except to add the trite truth that “you had to be there.”

The worship band (Kneel), the director, other adults and I concur that it had been a singularly unique evening…

Many students made various commitments…will they stand the test of time? I pray so…I expect to hear from many of them before the weekend is over…the blessings of rapid communication!

Pray as the staff, counselors, and I rest up for a few hours before we do it all again with senior highers. Pray that this is a fantastic week of impact that lasts.

As I often say, camp can be a dangerous thing if well-intentioned speakers/counselors press for “decisions” rather than lasting change. All too often heartfelt “invitations” forget to get people lost before they get found. Peer pressure can result in full altars that are emotional only.

“No one comes to the Son except the Father draws (compels) him.” “Salvation is of the Lord.”

So don’t ask how many students got saved this week. I’m not the Holy Spirit. Rejoice with me that the Word was sung, proclaimed, modeled and shared…and that Word will not return void.

And pray for these students as they leave the nibble-of-heaven that a well-run Christian camp is (and Crescent Lake is in the head of the list)and return to the free fire zone called life 101.

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