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>Reflecting After Three Months


On July 8 the infamous (to me) waterballoon incident occurred at Super-C Camp, Polo, Mo. For the uninformed, it was there and then that a three-person slingshotted balloon collided with the left side of my face, resulting in “orbital blowout” and “traumatic hyphema.” (The photo is day-after)

It was not my best moment!

A couple months later had to have in-and-out surgery to release a muscle that had been caught in one of the crevices, and had some gel-stuff put in to seal the aforementioned crevice.

And now, three months after the fact, the eye remains heavily dilated and, alas, still more-than-a-bit “off” as far as tracking with the “good” eye.

So, what has the Lord taught me through this relatively minor issue? After all, it is not cancer, I can still function…

It amazes how such a “little fox” like being out of focus can be so draining. I don’t feel pain, but I assume the eye is trying to focus and can’t (yet) so there is an underlying tiredness. Occasionally the glare of the sun on the dilated eye is a bit of a pain.

There is still some numbness under the eye, one of the doctors said that could be a forever thing. The docs also advise it could be up to a year for any damage that is going to heal, to heal.

Being out of focus certainly contains a wealth of illustrations!

Other than that, I’ve not learned much. It is an annoyance, makes it a tad more difficult to read/type/write. I continue to pray for healing back to “normal” vision, and will trust the Lord in the interim. If He says “no” or “wait” I will grit my spiritual teeth and move on.

But I do hope in the not too distant future I’ll be able to post a “I can see!” update on the blog!

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