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Reconstructing Deconstructing

Words used as labels mean nothing.

For instance, "Christian." That word is defined multiple ways.

Same with "deconstruction." The lead singer of Skillet wants to "declare war" on deconstruction, as seen and heard in this video from a few days ago:

But what does the word "deconstruction" mean?

It's in the eye of the beholder.

Some, when they hear the word "deconstruction" automatically feel the deconstructor has left the faith, given up salvation, or whatever. That could be the case.

But others (who may not even call themselves deconstructors) are simply shaking things up, reexamining things, maybe even "working out their salvation with fear and trembling."

People need to own their faith. I don't want to hear what your pastor believes, I don't care what your favorite author believes, I don't care what your favorite musician believes...what do YOU believe.

And if someone is "deconstructing" a slam bam thank you ma'am pray the prayer and get the "decision" recorded "faith," that is very cool with me.

If someone has been raised in a good, solid Bible believing church and heard all kinds of truth for years and then comes to the point where he/she isn't sure what they really believe...deconstruct and reconstruct.

If someone is trying to discern what is part of the genuine Christian life and what isn't, that might be called deconstruction, but it isn't bad.

Applauding someone leaving the faith is bad, and Derek Webb, who used to front for Caedmans Call, is an example.

This is what he wrote in response to the Skillet war cry: “To anyone who grew up on Caedmon’s Call . . . and have since been so hurt by church culture that you found yourself in deep deconstruction, even deconversion, I am with you. Wherever you are, you’re not alone and I, for one, am cheering you on.” (emphasis added)

Can church culture hurt? Absolutely. Can the gospel hurt? Yeah..because the gospel tells us we are in rebellion against a holy God...if I don't understand that I don't understand my need for salvation.

Scripture and the Holy Spirit can take serious examination. Truth is truth; and it often must be searched for and owned.

Some may call that searching, that questioning, "lack of faith" or "deconstruction." They are wrong.

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1 Comment

Lisa Koffman
Lisa Koffman
Jun 05, 2022

Thanks for the post, Jack. Words DO have meaning. And Scripture’s meaning is not subjective—the words mean something. Deconstructionism is a practice of deconstructing Truth. By definition, It asserts there is no absolute Truth, because words are all subjective to the beholder.

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