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Racists Are Cowards

“I’m better than you because I’m (fill in the blank).”

Whatever you put in the blank, you are wrong.

You are horribly wrong if you put in “white,” “black,” “asian,” etc.

You are despicably wrong if you put in a race and at the same time call yourself a Christian. I’d place you right in the “Westboro Baptist ‘Church'” ranks.

Yeah, you might say I’m very prejudiced against prejudiced people.

A couple days ago I posted a version of this classic DC Talk song on Facebook and challenged “friends” to share it, especially in view of the disaster in Charlottesville.

Very few did.

I recognize that just because I post something on Facebook does not mean it will show up on everyone’s feed; I also recognize that some of my almost 4,000 “friends” are people who heard me at camp or somewhere else and friended me and basically forgot about me; or are people who just don’t use facebook anymore.

But I also have a couple hundred “followers” which may indicate a certain level of attentiveness.

So why wasn’t it reposted more?

Could it be that people are concerned that they might offend one of their “friends.”

Maybe because it’s DC Talk (who rock) and some Christians confuse preferences with convictions?

Maybe because they just don’t repost anything?

Or it is maybe because for whatever reason they just don’t want to take a public stand on racism?

I certainly the “reason” isn’t the latter sentence.

I think it is true that Christians are notorious for almost saying something.

So I’ll just share another version of the song here…and if you want to share, that would be fine with me. If you have a reason not to share, I’d be interested in knowing that reasoning.

Here you go:

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