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As I’m wrapping up my 28th consecutive year of preaching at Pioneers For Christ (“Korean Kamp”) in Zionsville, Pa; and thus wrapping up yet another summer of camp ministry, I shake my head in gratitude and awe that I get to do what I get to do.

For decades I’ve tried to include a “question-and-answer” session as part of the week’s programming.

Yesterday morning was “q and a” time at “Korean Kamp.”

I give the campers the opportunity to either ask their questions orally or to write them down.

What questions do I get?

Here’s a sampling from yesterdays written querys:

  1. “If a newborn child dies, does the child go to heaven or hell?”

  2. “When it comes to homosexuality, is it a sin to date the same gender or is it only sex?”

  3. “Is it a sin to be transgender even though it is a mental disorder? If they are mentally ill how can they be blamed for their condition?”

  4. “Is being gay a sin?” (underlying in original)

  5. “How do you feel about the transgender military ban?”

  6. “If a woman is raped is it bad for her to have an abortion?”

  7. “When my parents were renting out our apartment, they refused to rent it to a gay couple. Is that wrong?”

  8. “Are you still glad that Trump beat Hillary?”

  9. “What happens to genuinely good people who are not of faith?”

  10. “What can I do…I cannot move churches but I know my current church is depleting my faith?”

  11. “How should you have a relationship around Christ? How do you keep it a Christ-centered relationship with all the temptations?”

  12. “Can you explain our free will relating to God’s predestined one?”

  13. “Can I lose my relationship with Christ?”

  14. “Is it necessary to speak in tongues?”

  15. “How can I know all the Bible is true?”

  16. “Is America a Christian nation and, if not, has it ever been?”

This is just a sampling.

I’ll not post my replies (if you’re really curious, ask).

But I thought some of you, particularly those who are ministry partners (Jane and I continue to subsist solely on missionary support as staff members of Midland), might be interested…

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