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I’ve been doing camp ministry since 1978. The Lord has allowed me to spend over four years (adding up all the weeks) as a camp speaker. God could use a donkey; there are some similarities..but for whatever reason He opened and keeps open this door of service.

As I’m wrapping up my 28th consecutive year of preaching at Pioneers For Christ (“Korean Kamp”) in Zionsville, Pa; and thus wrapping up yet another summer of camp ministry, I shake my head in gratitude and awe that I get to do what I get to do.

For decades I’ve tried to include a “question-and-answer” session as part of the week’s programming.

Yesterday morning was “q and a” time at “Korean Kamp.”

I give the campers the opportunity to either ask their questions orally or to write them down.

What questions do I get?

Here’s a sampling from yesterdays written querys:

  1. “If a newborn child dies, does the child go to heaven or hell?”

  2. “When it comes to homosexuality, is it a sin to date the same gender or is it only sex?”

  3. “Is it a sin to be transgender even though it is a mental disorder? If they are mentally ill how can they be blamed for their condition?”

  4. “Is being gay a sin?” (underlying in original)

  5. “How do you feel about the transgender military ban?”

  6. “If a woman is raped is it bad for her to have an abortion?”

  7. “When my parents were renting out our apartment, they refused to rent it to a gay couple. Is that wrong?”

  8. “Are you still glad that Trump beat Hillary?”

  9. “What happens to genuinely good people who are not of faith?”

  10. “What can I do…I cannot move churches but I know my current church is depleting my faith?”

  11. “How should you have a relationship around Christ? How do you keep it a Christ-centered relationship with all the temptations?”

  12. “Can you explain our free will relating to God’s predestined one?”

  13. “Can I lose my relationship with Christ?”

  14. “Is it necessary to speak in tongues?”

  15. “How can I know all the Bible is true?”

  16. “Is America a Christian nation and, if not, has it ever been?”

This is just a sampling.

I’ll not post my replies (if you’re really curious, ask).

But I thought some of you, particularly those who are ministry partners (Jane and I continue to subsist solely on missionary support as staff members of Midland), might be interested…

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