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Proof of Punkhood

On a bike ride near Crescent Lake Bible Camp (where I’m in my third consecutive week of preaching) I saw the damage pictured.

Immediate thought, “What a proof of manhood,” thinking the damage had been done by teenagers. Of course nowadays it could have been smashed by some 20/30 something videogame fanatic who normally lives in his parents’ basement)

Second thought – what punks.

In my crazy b.c. days I did a lot of dumb stuff, but never damage for damages sake.

Well, I did throw some eggs here and there.

I did tape a pound of limburger cheese to the motor of a guys car on prom night while he was in the dance (he had turned me and some friends into the vice principal as we were cutting school ;we got suspended). He deserved it; perhaps not his date…

But normally our “for fun” stuff didn’t hurt anyone or anything.

A couple of us occasionally grabbed surfboards, five gallon cans of water and would hike up into Placerita Canyon in Southern California…miles from the beach…pour the water over ourselves and walk down the trail with the boards on our heads…

And one time we stole (borrowed?) a manikin, dressed it up, and hung it from a tree close to the road that wound up Sand Canyon…at night…hide in the bushes and watch people stop their cars…stare for a bit…then get out of the vehicle, slowly approach the “body,” discover it was fake, and demonstrate madness for a few seconds. All was fun until one man tore it down and smashed it to smithereens. (what’s a smithereen?)

Probably did some other dumb stuff (apart from my criminal endeavors)…but the point is damaging stuff just to damage stuff wasn’t on the agenda. Driving down the road, perhaps swinging a baseball bat and ruining mailboxes did not then nor now seem to be a declaration of manhood.

Just a proof of stupid punkyness.

Oh well.

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