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>Praying for SC Squared


Steven Curtis Chapman has blazed a trail for quality, fresh, and contemporary Christian music.

Now tragedy has struck as his daughter was hit and killed by one of his sons.

He doesn’t know me from Adam, but I had the opportunity to share a meal with Steven, Casting Crowns, and several others a couple years ago. I was impressed that he wasn’t impressed with himself, but was blessed to be able to do what he does so well.

As I pray for him and his family (particularly the son) I specifically ask the Lord to enable them to remember the lyrics and meaning of his songs; and that they uniquely comfort them as they have comforted, challenged, and changed so many. It is his turn now.

Yes, the Christian life is a “Great Adventure.” But, as in war, the adventure often springs horrifying events on us. We may have “Great Expectations,” and we certainly have a loving Abba, and in the midst of trials and tribulations “His Strength is Perfect.”

“When You Are A Soldier” in the army of God there is not “your best life now.” (that’s coming…his daughter is now experiencing her “best life”) After all, there is “More to This Life.”

“Let Us Pray” for the entire family, trusting the Lord will get them through this horrific time. In the midst of tears, anguish, and questions, may they be undergirded by the truth “My Redeemer is Faithful and True.”

And, if not now, eventually, may they be able to see “The Fingerprints of God.” And may he one day be able to again sing “Cinderella.”

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