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Please - No More "Christian" Alternatives

There is a church with a state-of-the-art gym.

There is a motorcycle club called "Christian such and such."

And there is a Christian Gaming Club.

Nothing wrong with that...or is there?

It is hard to impact non-believers when we don't know any.

It is difficult to share the gospel when we are encamped in our little Christian fort.

Why don't we join the YMCA or Planet Fitness? Afraid we will get pagan cooties on us?

I'm not suggesting Christians who ride motorcycles join "Hells Angels" or "Satans Slaves." But there are motorcycle clubs that are not centered on Christ or the gospel...shouldn't there be some salt in them?

I recently joined a, ah, senior citizen gym. (what is such a young guy like me doing in such an old body?) It is really a nice facility, the price is right, and my primary reason for joining is to try to keep this cancer-afflicted, aged body in some form of shape.

But I also know I will rub shoulders with folks who do not know Christ. The gym is in a building that has pool tables, restaurant, library, and a host of activites from bingo to bridge. I take my laptop down and find a place to work while at the same time trying to engage others in conversation.

Patting myself on the back? No. To my knowledge there is no "Christian" gym in Saint Joseph. Just using it as an example.

A dear friend keeps inviting me to monthly meetings of a "Christian" writers club. There is a part of me that would love to join...but I'm looking for a "secular" writers club.

In 1999 Rebecca Pippert published "Out of the Salt Shaker", with the subtitle "Evangelism As A Way of Life." In 2006 "Christianity Today" (long before that magazine went way south) voted it to be one of top fifty books that shaped evangelicals.

I vaguely remember reading it. Perhaps I should re-read it. But the title alone is the point of this post..

Shake your world up - get out of the salt shaker!

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