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>Pics from the Graduation

>Friday I had the privilege of being the speaker for the commencement exercises of the Class of 2010 at Sheboygan (Wi) County Christian High School.

In November I spoke for a week at the school’s “Spiritual Emphasis Week” and was blessed when the seniors invited me to their graduation.

Obviously not a huge school, but of the 34 graduates, three are exchange students, a young man (Chris) from Ghana, a young lady from Chile, and a young lady from Thailand.

It was a thrilling time, made more special because I was initially “promoted” to the school by senior Joe Meerdink, the son of long-time friends Jan and Rhonda Meerdink, who I knew in Kansas City before they were “Jan and Rhonda” as they attended the Bible Institute.

Ah, I do appreciate relaxed “dress codes”!

The Class of 2010:

Chris…an outstanding young man returning to Ghana to make an impact for Christ:

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