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Pet Prayer Peeve #1

Usually a great way to make someone feel badly is to ask, "How's your prayer life?"

I please guilty. Of all my failings my failure to pray regularly/often/continuously is the most aggravating. I'm still working on it.

But I do have some pet peeves about prayer.

The first is the word, "just."

As in, "Lord, we just pray..."

Just? We "just" come into the presence of the Most High?

We "just" cast all our cares on Him, because (amazingly) He cares for us?

We "just" pray against cancer, divorce, governmental idiocy?

I get it that for most it is just (get it) a 'fill word.' Kinda like "ah, ah, ah."

And it certainly doesn't negate ones prayer to say "just."

But it still buggeth me. If you catch me doing it kick me in the butt.

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