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>Personal Aside

>We’ve been in our new home for just-under three months.

Jane has done a marvelous job decorating, situating (a bit of re-situating!), painting and more to put her distinct touches on it. It is those that transform a “house” into a “home.”

We have yet to find a home church. Have visited several, no “red flags,” but neither any ringing bells to signify “this is it”!

Connecting with new people has not happened as quickly as we’d like…and we recognize that takes that difficult, four-letter word – “time.” And, yeah, it also takes “work.”

There is a mixture of missing dear-friends in New York; and the anticipation of what the Lord has in store here, as well as gratitude for the people with whom we get to work, and the folks we’ve met.

“He opens doors that no man can shut…” applies to ministry and relationships.

So we pray, trust, wait. The latter is the most difficult thing.

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