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Older Than Dirt Am I

As I type I am entering my 76th year...meaning today is my 75th birthday.

Yikes! Begs the question: "What is such a young guy like me doing in such an old body?"

But three-quarters of a century isn't really THAT long...

Since I had my Beatles birthday (let the reader understand) I have prayed almost daily for "20 more years of effective ministry," with the key word being 'effective.' Sure, you can join me in that prayer...

A "chance" (which, being translated, means "an encounter orchestrated by the sovereign God) meeting with a friend who was converted through the efforts of another 'parachurch' ministry prompted this thought:

"Why Can't We Be Friends?"

The "other" parachurch ministry does things differently than "we" (Midland) do. I think it would be fair to say people in either ministry look somewhat askance at the other.


A major doctrine? No. Music? No. Methodology...maybe...

One of the ministries believes you need to earn the right to be heard. The other comes from a heritage of 1) present the gospel 2) give an 'invitation' 3) move on.

Is either "right"? Or might they both be...and would not both profit from just some open discussion needed to ascertain what the other is really doing?

And it is not "just" parachurch (how I hate that term) ministries. It's individual local churches overtly (or covertly) refusing to partner with other churches.

Compromise is in the eye of the beholder; but let me be clear I'm not talking about working with someone who is whacked about some basic doctrine common to all genuinely Bible-believing followers of Christ - regardless of the name on the building.

But I am suggesting...loudly...that the time is coming when followers of Christ will HAVE to get together in order to survive.

So can we just reflect on this truth - First Jack One Seven "Redeemed sinners are brothers and sisters in Christ; but not identical twins."

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