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>Obama on Abortion

>In an interview with “Christianity Today” (in which he restated that he is a follower of Jesus), Obama said this about abortion:

Ultimately, women are in the best position to make a decision at the end of the day about these issues. With significant constraints. For example, I think we can legitimately say — the state can legitimately say — that we are prohibiting late-term abortions as long as there’s an exception for the mother’s health. Those provisions that I voted against typically didn’t have those exceptions, which raises profound questions where you might have a mother at great risk. Those are issues that I don’t think the government can unilaterally make a decision about. I think they need to be made in consultation with doctors, they have to be prayed upon, or people have to be consulting their conscience on it. I think we have to keep that decision-making with the person themselves. Can one be a Christian and, at any level, be pro-choice? Certainly. We are not “saved by grace through faith plus against abortion (or “plus” anything else!).” Can one be a Christian and not believe in 24-hour days of creation? Of course.

To me the more important question is simply can one be a human with a heart and not be against abortion?

That being said, may we always stress that abortion is not the unpardonable sin; thus giving women who have had abortions (for whatever reason) hope rather than condemnation.

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