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First, no one ever “deserves” to be raped or otherwise sexually abused.

Even the woman who said she was raped…after attending ten parties where, by her own admission, she “knew” rapes were happening did not “deserve” what allegedly happened to her. Though it does make me think that if I knowingly stroll through a minefield more than once I may be somewhat responsible for being blown to bits…

That said, I wish there was a #notmetoo group of women who would discuss the fact they were never raped or otherwise sexually abused, and who might, for the benefit of others, discuss what they did to help prevent such activity.

I think many preteens and young teens are scared these days.

I fear many young girls fear that every guy is a rapist-in-training. That fear is unjustified.

I fear many young men (and not so young) are fearful that some disturbed, angry, jilted girl is going to destroy their lives with a false accusation.

That fear is, tragically, justified.

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