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Nope - Not "Criswell Predicts;" but "JACK PREDICTS"

I've no clue how many readers have heard of or remember "Criswell Predicts." I grew up with him in the 60s as he had a tv program on a local L.A. station (that was syndicated to other stations. Many said he predicted JFK's assasination. Google or bing stuff.

I'm not a prophet, nor the son of a prophet, but I have a few predictions:

1) Something HUGE will happen between and the midterms as the Democrats desperately try to turn the attention of Americans from Biden's disastrous policies to something else. (they cannot "win" simply on the 'let's keep abortion legal' jargon) What? Me no know...monkeypox? new strain of the covid? U.S. troops on Ukrainian soil? Chinese attempt to seize Taiwan?

2) More and more professing Christians (and ministries) will bail on the sin of homosexuality. History shows that along with that collapse will be the denial of hell.

3) Christianity, and Christians, will be despised, pitied, and ridiculed by the majority. Christ-followers decades ago were respected; that slid into toleration; next will be hatred.

4) The famine of not hearing the Word of God will increase within what are loosely called "evangelical" churches.

5) More and more followers of Christ will be accused of sexual sin/crime. Though tragically some will be guilty; the vast majority will be innocent but their effectiveness nullified by accusations.

That's enough for now. Comment your thoughts/arguments...and leave YOUR predictions.

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