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>Non-Believers Need "Mystery and Wonder"

>Newsweek’s technology columnist, Daniel Lyons, in a piece published February 8, discusses the iPad…and has several lines that provide many things for those who desire to “brag on Jesus” to contemplate:

“…What’s wrong, or at least interesting, is why some of us expected so much more from a new gadget. I suspect this is because for some people, myself included, technology has become a kind of religion. We may not believe in God anymore, but we still need mystery and wonder. Five centuries ago Spanish missionaries put shiny mirrors in churches to dazzle the Incas and draw them to Christianity. We, too, want to be dazzled by shiny new objects. Our iPhones not only play music and make phone calls, but they also have become totemic objects, imbued with techno-voodoo. Maybe that sounds nuts, but before the iPad was announced, people were calling it the “Jesus tablet.”

“We just have blind faith that technology ultimately will make our business better, not worse. In one example of that blind faith, David Carr of The New York Times wrote recently that Apple’s tablet would be nothing less than ‘the second coming of the iPhone, a so-called Jesus tablet that can do anything, including saving some embattled print providers from doom.'” (all emphasis added) Wow.

The gospel is explosive (Ro 1.16). It makes no “sense.” How dare we make it a formula, void of its incredible “mystery and wonder.”

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