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>If you have not read “The Journals of Jim Elliott” I won’t say you’re a fool (the Word of God has something to say about that!)…but I will strongly urge you to read the book if you want to be amazed and challenged.

If you don’t know who Jim Elliott is, get the movie “End of the Spear” or read “Shadow of the Almighty.”

Even if you don’t know who he is; I bet you’ve read what he wrote in his journal: a gentle reminder…I serve as a home missionary with Midland…I receive no salary except “support” of those who feel what I do is of value and want to be involved in keeping me preaching, counseling, writing, doing youth camps, special meetings, prison work, jail work, Bible quizzing…etc…

If you use Amazon, I ask you to consider starting your amazon journey here, either by clicking a recommended book or the “carousel” on the left hand column. You do NOT have to buy any of my recommendations, but if you start your journey from here I get a (small) percentage of ANYTHING you purchase. Thanks for considering!

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