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>Need A Second Touch?


The following is from MARK BATTERSON’S BLOG. If you are my posts you recognize that I am a huge fan of Mark and his writings. I recommend him to any follower of Jesus. He will often challenge, sometimes comfort, and always give clear Biblical insights.

His books are fantastic.

Here are his thoughts on Jesus’ second touch:

Remember when Jesus heals the blind man but it takes two attempts? For some strange reason, that is blessing me big time. Even Jesus needed two attempts. I find tremendous encouragement in that. And I think there are a few lessons to be learned.

I think many of us give up after our first attempt so we forfeit the miracle. Keep praying for the miracle. Give God a chance! I also think some of us are satisfied with a partial miracle. Don’t settle for half a miracle. Keep believing God for the whole thing! Finally, some miracles happen in stages. It doesn’t happen all the way right away.

Mark 8:25 says: “Then Jesus laid hands on his eyes again.” The operative word is “again.” Is there something you need to pray for again?

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