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>Nationals Shots

>BQF Quiz Nationals in Pittsburgh seem so long ago! But it’s only been a few weeks…here’s a trio of shots taken by others of yours truly…After all these years (or rather decades) can’t express how much of an honor it is to be involved in Bible quizzing…or how much the students amaze me…Such a valuable tool to get teens into the Word, and thus the Word into students…as of May 7 I am the “national representative” for Bible Quiz Fellowship which, among other things, means I will be traveling to existing and potential local quiz programs to assist in any way possible…pray for that opportunity!

Below: me quizmastering the first championship quiz Saturday nite….the back of my head…a most stressful but enjoyable duty:

Probably texting Jane in between quizzes during two days of round-robin competition:

The Midland Ministries quizzers, staff, coaches:

Dazzling (terrorizing?) the students with my air-guitar skills on the 17-hour bus ride home!

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