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>Nationals Bible Quiz Tournament


Writing in Saint Louis where 45 teams of seven teens each have competed the last two days in round-robin style at the Bible Quiz Fellowship National Tournament.

Today we begin the actual elimination tournament…Midlands’ “top” team (Messengers) begins seeded fifth! We shall see…I will be quizmastering in the top rooms all day…

Quizzing, BQF style, is an incredible tool to get the Word into students, and students into the Word. We have teams from several states competing; always room for more! I’d love to assist other communities get a quiz program started…

It is competitive (this years material is the gospel of Luke; next year 1 and 2 Corinthians and Titus)…it is difficult…and it is so hard to describe in words!

But the Lord blesses it in so many ways, and lives are changed, equipped, encouraged and edified as the Word of God does the Work of God.

Pray for the students as they undergo the stress of this day; that attitudes would honor the Lord, that, “win” or “lose” all would be focused on Jesus!

Can you tell I love Bible quizzing?

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