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>Mount Up! Lock and Load!


In a couple hours we will head to Madison, Wi for the night; and then to Super C at Polo, Mo for another week.

It has been a fantastic two weeks. There is something indefinably blessed about Crescent Lake. I first came here in 1979 to do a winter retreat; and have been here just about every other year since.

I’ve spoken at somewhere around 40 – 50 camps; and CLBC is by far our favorite. Some camps have better “toys” and such; but CLBC has, well, a “Presence”, a peace, an arena for ministry that is not matched.

Why? My guess is because 75 years ago two pastors knelt by the lakeside and asked God to enable them to build a camp that would reach lost youth and disciple teen Christians. Their pleas were heard and singularly answered…and that heavenly answer continues.

If you have ever been at CLBC, I imagine you know what I mean. If you haven’t, and you are ever near Rhinelander, Wi; I urge you to visit. It’s not the staff (or certainly the speaker), it’s not the “administration” (I’ve been through four or five directors)… is some fingerprint of God that I can’t define.

Pray for the senior high campers as they return to “real life 101.” Camp, any camp, is great; it is a taste of heaven; but it is not “real.” Now the students go back to the war zone. “God our banner” goes before them, but I pray they “fix their eyes on Jesus” as they go.

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