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>More on Larry Norman


As mentioned in the previous post, Larry Norman died on Sunday morning. Here’s a telling statement from Chris Willman, senior music writer for “Entertainment Weekly.”

“His influence outweighed his sales so much that it’s comical,” Willman said. “He certainly had a heart for evangelism — almost to his detriment, I might say. He really could’ve been a star if he were singing about something other than Jesus.

Norman had bumps and ideosyncricies (read – sin) like we all do, and he made a lot of friends, and a lot of enemies…and sometimes they were the same people. Singer Randy Stonehill said, “For as brilliant and insightful as Larry was, I’m not sure that he understood himself completely. This issue became apparent in the way he consistently seemed to ‘derail’ relationships throughout his life.”

Norman was injured in an airplace accident thirty years ago and was diagnosed with “bipolar trauma.”

David DiSabatino is working on a film about Norman to be released later this year. He said, “(Larry) is like King David. The highs are higher than most and the lows are like, ‘whoa.'”

In other words, Larry was like me…and like you. A redeemed, forgiven, adopted child of God; justified in His sight…but a mess…like me…like you.

I look forward to meeting Larry some day…

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