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For those who have read the first email, you have the context for this prayer request. I had hoped that we would finish the day without any bad news, but apparently the father of our computer technician at Hinkson Christian Academy (where Karen works) was caught in the blast. He is in surgery right now and folks, we NEED your prayer. His name is Slava (means praise). The young man’s name is Yaroslav.

I want to also let you know, for those who are concerned, that my wife and children do NOT need to ride the metro as a rule. They take the local buses and trams to school, and these are much safer.

On a lighter note we did find the hairbrush (this makes sense if you’ve seen the last email). One of my friends asked for a picture of the brush, so I set it on the floor for a shot. Guess who showed up…

cat 2

The kids say: Hi! Thanks for Praying, and we appreciate you!

The Kiddos

Thank You

… for taking the time to read this newsletter. PLEASE contact us with any prayer needs you have, and please keep us in your prayers. For the Kingdom, the Gospel, and the Fatherless….

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