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Money for Nothing

Subtitled "Aren't 20-30 somethings tired of being pimped?"

Color me heartless if you wish.

But I see absolutely no sense nor reason to "forgive" college loan debts.

No one held a gun to a student's head and forced him/her to take out a loan. Sure, maybe they were pressured by Mommy or Daddy, but they signed the proverbial dotted line.

It's payback time.

Why, oh why, should I help pay for someone else's loan? There is no good answer.

Were it a targeted strategy, I might get on board.....meaning nurses/doctors working in rural areas etc.

But Biden's plan is a shotgun rather than a sniper strategy.

And the strategy has nothing to do directly with the loans.

It has everything to do with Biden and his team prostituting themselves in order to get votes.


Thinking of 'money for nothing' brings an oldie into my aging grey matter. Maybe you too - so here it is:

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