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Moldy-oldy Theme Song for Many

As the waffling continues…both from key “leaders,” friends, and others…

As far too many Christians seem to be disastorously tolerant of professing Christians who teach heresy (“but Jack, some of their stuff is good”)…

I’m reminded of a catchy tune from a sketchy guy that first came out in…gasp…1983. Though titled “Karma Chameleon” the refrain that provides the theme describes the vocalist (a rather odd duck) as “a man without convictions…”

Methinks far too many Christians have a lot of preferences, but few go-to-the-wall convictions…

Here’s the song (and it will probably offend some, but I live in the real world)…so to avoid possible offending; I’ll make you click on the link to see it…

If you wish to see it, CLICK HERE

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