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Memory Sparked

A friend posted on Facebook a notice of a memorial service held at the First Baptist Church of Union Star, Mo.

It included pictures of the church…seeing them at 3.45am today sparked a memory that caused me to praise and thank God again that He is a good God who has pretty big sleeves – with a few tricks up them!

Not sure what year…1979ish maybe?…this happened…I was staying with my adopted sisters in Union Star.

Debbie Laffoon Long and I went for a long bicycle ride on a Sunday evening. Lost track of time and got back to town just in time for church.

I was more-than-a-bit sweaty and we debated going, but decided we would.

Sat down, pastor began the service…

As I remember a few hymns were sung.

Then the pastor came to the pulpit.

Stared at me (we had met that morning) for a moment or two. Initially I thought he was going to reprimand me for being in the sanctuary in a teeshirt and shorts…and rather smelly ones at that.

Instead he said something like, “The Lord has told me that brother Jack needs to preach tonight.”

It wasn’t a joke.

I don’t remember if I had brought a Bible or had to borrow one.

I have no clue what I preached.

But I do remember…with a grin and a praise…that a woman came to Christ that night.


And I hadn’t thought about that incident for many, many years until sparked by a posted photo.


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