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Me and Ernest Angley

I just read that Ernest Angley died May 7, 2021 at the age of 99.

Many/most of you won’t know of him. He was a selfprofessed faith healer, oversaw Grace Cathedral in Ohio, and ran the Winston Broadcasting Company.

My introduction to him happened in probably 1979 or 1980. I was doing school assemblies and evening rallies in and around Steubenville, Ohio.

On a Sunday morning I was waiting for my host to take me to the church at which I was to preach.

I turned on the tv…and there was Ernest.

He was giving a sort of altar call for people to come get healed.

I was about to turn it off when a woman with two young children came to the stage.

Ernest asked what she needed, and she said she was the aunt of the two children, and that both were deaf. She wanted them given the gift of hearing.

At that point Ernest asked, “And I suppose they are both dumb also?”

The woman looked a bit shocked and said, “Oh, no sir, they are both very, very smart.”

It looked like Angley was holding his breath. The cameraman must have been laughing as the picture shook.

I probably laughed too long.

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