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Martyn! What Meanest Thou?

I enjoy and learn from the writings of Martyn Lloyd-Jones (even though I am somewhat adverse to people with hyphenated names). He died in 1981, so I can’t ask him what he mean. t in this quote…

A bit of research rev

eals this is from his book Spiritual Depression. I recall reading the book years ago…before I was diagnosed with what appears to be seasonal depression.

I unashamedly take a medication for the issue; and even bought a “sun lamp” to help…and it seems to help during late fall and winter.

There may be those professing believers who are against medicine of any type and would counsel me to “claim the victory,” “plead the blood,” or whatever.  Well…

But please don’t, however unintentionally, beat up Christians who deal with depression. You’ve not walked in those shoes, so my counsel is zip thy lip and pray.

Oh, and if you don’t suffer from depression, and somehow think it is a mark of immaturity or lack of faith, perhaps you should quit shaking your head and read the Psalms? There is some pretty depressing stuff there…

It’s called being human.

Loving Jesus, saved by Jesus (by the way, that’s what “by His stripes we are healed” refers to – that passage has zero to do with physical healing), trusting Jesus…

But trapped in an earthsuit that is susceptible to all kinds of junk…

Looking forward to ultimate healing…


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