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>Loser’s Limp

>So a couple days ago Lindsay Lohans father says (after her court appearance during which the judge said if she accepted the D.A.’s plea bargain, or pled guilty, she’d go to jail),”I don’t see Lindsay as a criminal. This is all a result of her addiction.”


So whatever “this is all” means is okay since it is a result of her addiction?


And typical of a fallen society.

Not harping on Lohan…just continually sick of excuses. When I was entering Oregon State Prison the reception committee basically said my criminal career was a result of my experiences in Vietnam.

Translated: “it’s not my fault.”

Well, yeah, stuff contributes to our decisions; but we are responsible for the decisions.

And if we step into the quicksand of addictions, we are responsible for actions made after that point also.

I’m grateful that my arrest and incarceration resulted in me reading the gospel for the first time…and eventually to taking responsibility/ownership of my sin, turning from sin, and turning in repentance to Christ.

And I pray Miss Lohan experiences deliverance…not from criminal charges, but from God’s indictment…

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