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Little Things Aren’t

I’m preaching a family camp in New York this week.

This morning I came into the dining hall very early to get the essentials – coffee, and time in the Word/prayer.

Had the place to myself until a teen kitchen staff girl came in…we greeted one another and then she began taking all the chairs off the dining tables…about 200 of them…

Yes, I thought about helping her, but did not.

But I did happen to spot her as she got a quizzical look on her face  as she looked under one of the chairs as she started to move it from the table to the floor.

She reached under the chair and pulled out a post-it note…

And lit up the room with a beautiful smile…

I asked her, “What did you find?” and she, still beaming, brought the note to me…here it is:


And here she is:


She doesn’t know who left it.

But I know her day is a lot brighter now…

And whoever put the note there did a HUGE thing by doing a “little” thing. And my guess is she will look at that note several times today…and will never throw it away.

Don’t let what you can’t do prevent you from doing what you can do.

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