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>Let’s Not Use This Tool for "Decisions" or Full Altars – Please

>Jane and I had the privilege of seeing a pre-release screening of “Courageous” last night.

The film, to be released in September, is the latest project of the church who brought us Firefly, Facing the Giants, and Fireproof.

And it is, by far, their best.

Built around the friendship of law enforcement officers and their interaction with evil and fathering, the film is convicting, and thus challenging. It’s purpose – to provoke fathers to treat seriously and passionately their duties, responsibilities, and privileges as fathers.

It works – dramatically but not with a slice of cheesiness. Parts of the film are absolutely hilarious. Parts require the quick use of kleenex.

But it is tied together with a direct challenge to, well, man-up.

And there are a host of resources available, both for before seeing the film and after.

And I fear too many will use the film, take off on the dramatic conclusion, do the altar call thing without strategizing (and, duh, praying) how to get men from the moment of conviction to the disciplined weeks, months, and years of follow-up.

Showing the film and giving an invitation is the “easy” thing. Putting in the planning and praying to segue men into a group that will help them flesh out the challenge of the film is the grunt-work that distinguishes discipleship from momentary “events.”

I beyond-heartily recommend “Courageous,” and see it as a wondrous tool…but like any tool it needs to be used wisely, and long-term.

And, personally, I want to do all I can do to get this film shown in every prison in the country. The plot parallels the lives of most inmates; and the challenge to man-up, to make peace with your own not-involved father, will significantly impact inmates. Appreciate prayers as I knock on doors…

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