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Lasting Fruit

A couple months ago Teens For Christ Connection (Phillipsburg, Ks) celebrated their 40th anniversary with an all-day event.

As Jane and I had served on staff for a couple years, and since I was, ah, “seasoned,” they asked me to help MC the program.

Part of the day involved families from each of the four decades sharing how TFC had impacted their lives.

One family traced their spiritual lineage back to the Spirit of God working through a guy named Jack Hager.

It blessed my proverbial socks off; and I just learned it was videoed.

If you click the following link, you can either watch it from the beginning to learn the genesis of TFC, or you can advance to about 4.40 where I introduce the family; perhaps it will as much a blessing to you as it is to me.

Just a reminder – back then, like now; like until I flat-line; Jane and I are able to be in full time vocational ministry because a team of individuals and churches partner with us in finance and prayer.

As I frequently comment, “The gifts of God’s people make ministry  possible; the prayersof God’s people make ministry powerful.”

To watch the video CLICK HERE

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