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>Know Any Pagans?


According to surveys by Ellison Research of Phoenix, 36 percent of Americans polled indicate that they have no idea “what an evangelical Christian is” in the first place. Only 35 percent of all Americans believe they know “someone very well who is an evangelical,” while a stunning 51 percent are convinced they don’t know any evangelicals at all.

I won’t even try to define the term “evangelical,” since you can find a bunch of different definitions. Since the definition is so nebulous, I wonder what those polled though when they were asked if they knew any “evangelicals.”

Do they think it is synonymous with “Christian”? Or perhaps some may think it is the same as “fundamentalist?”

I don’t know.

So since the term is not easily defined by Christians, much less those outside the faith, I’m not sure if the Ellison survey has any real meaning.

But I wonder how many Americans would say they know no “Christians”? Agreed, even that term is too vague. Maybe “Followers of Jesus” would be a better description? Some use “Bible Believer” but I bet unregenerate people would automatically equate that with “fundamentalist.”

So maybe instead of asking questions like the above, perhaps it would be more beneficial, and quite revealing, just to ask this of people who claim to have repented of all they knew about sin to turn to all they knew about Jesus:

“How many unsaved people do you know?”

It’s pretty hard to be Jesus to unsaved people if we don’t know any unsaved people.

Have we built our Christian forts, Christian health clubs, Christian motorcycle clubs, Christian scrapbooking clubs, and such to the point that we just hang out with each other and pray “about” the lost, rather than hanging out with the lost and showing them Christ-life in action?

Pretty hard to obey the great commission if we are all parked in our great congregations

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