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Kavanaugh/Accuser Thoughts – and a Warning

Like you, I have no clue whether or not the Kavanaugh accuser is intentionally lying.

There are multiple possibilities.

Since you asked (or didn’t), here is what I think:

  1. If Kavanaugh is lying (and I do not believe he is) he should not only withdraw, but be disbarred

  2. Feinstein should clearly explain why she kept the letter secret for so long

  3. It is  idiotic to call for an FBI investigation…of what? She doesn’t know when it (allegedly) happened, or where it (allegedly) happened. What’s to investigate? Besides, assault/attempted rape is not a Federal crime.

  4. The statements of some of the Democrats are so beyond-idiotic it must be embarrassing to the majority of the party

  5. Other than the fact he nominated Kavanaugh, this has nothing to do with Trump

  6. So much for “innocent until proven guilty…”

So much more, but that’s enough…

Now, the warning (especially to those in vocational ministry, but applicable to all) {especially if you are male, but applicable to females also}

Back in the old days we were warned, “Never be alone with someone of the opposite sex.” Anyone with functioning brain cells knows that for several years that needs to read “Never be alone with anyone.”

On this you need to be “paranoid.”

All it takes is one accusation (true or false) and you are done.


The more vocal you are about Biblical absolutes – like abortion, or the fact that, Biblically, marriage is between a man and a woman; the more of a target you become.

And, as if anyone needed proof, this episode proves idiots of any stripe will do anything to discredit someone with whom they disagree.

Be careful! Be “wise as a serpant”.

I also wonder how many good men and women are going to turn down the opportunity to serve in any capacity fearing – with justification – the witch hunt. And I do mean “any capacity”…for this will, like dung, trickle-down…

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